Let the good vibes roll

We won’t do much blogging - or probably will, but saying hello through a blog sounded like a great idea at the time this was written. So it got written. Now that we have it posted. Hello! Welcome too!

The Good Vibes Well-Being & More Store unofficially opened for purchases a couple months ago. We have been testing products to see which ones fit our catalogue and which ones don’t. We started with our eye on athletic gear, at prices that will benefit our shoppers’ checkbooks as much as their routines benefit their bodies, hence, Good Vibes. But we did realize more could be added to our lineup via reputable drop ship and fulfillment, so we go through the paces in choosing off the mark products at low-cost-to-consumer prices, value included in the offerings.

Needless to say we found some suppliers and like their stuff and opened our online boutique to shoppers the world over. While we’re focused on athletic gear we want to offer various types of products. That’s the story of how we wound up with our current offerings. Good Vibes has an expanding, off the mark collection of products that ship just about anywhere in the world.

That said – we have a philosophy we’d like to talk a little about. We feel we should be giving back to each person that makes a purchase or a couple of purchases, separately or at once. Good Vibes Well-Being does not want to keep every dollar shoppers spend online with us. We want to share our profits with our shoppers as a thank you for shopping with us. So we are. There are several ways we intend on doing that.

Our free rewards program is a value added way of sharing our profits with shoppers by giving 1 point for every 1 dollar spent (Subtracted for returns and refunds, of course). If you become a repeat shopper you can see how you can save even more when you join our rewards program. When we say reward, we mean it, too. Good Vibes Well-Being store adds rewards points to members who sign up to our rewards program just for signing up, we reward you for referring other shoppers, and for each completed purchase. Not to toot our own horn, but our point-to-dollar conversion is pretty darn good. But, we won’t talk about it; we’ll let you prove it. And no expiration date is a plus, right? We got you. We are looking at ways to improve on what we developed and, ways to offer you points for each purchase anyone you refer makes for as long as they keep their account (more on that if and when it happens). Our rewards program is a work in progress that will keep working for you and, will help us give back to all our wonderful shoppers. Best of all, it’s free to join and free to use. That’s value.

Discounts. Need we say more? Well, we want to anyway. Look at the top of any page you visit and you will see a red bar spelling out our current discount. There is a code-word on that red bar, in quotation marks. We’re working on making sure that red bar always has a code word-word that saves you money on every purchase you make. At the time of this writing, the Good Vibes Well-Being store is offering a 20% discount on all purchases, subject to change, using the code #hello. Don’t forget the hashtag. I’m sure you could see how signing up to our rewards program and our red-bar discounts can save you a pretty penny? Our job is to find you the products you’re looking for and add value to your purchase and we think we’ve hit the ball out of the park with these two programs. Let us know what you think though. FYI, you can use that code with every purchase you make until the red-bar’s, code word changes. When checking out, don’t forget to apply your discount code. And always look at the red bar to make sure you’re using the correct discount code.
Thanks for reading this far. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us.

While we’re sharing – let me tell you about Good Vibes. We are a happy-go-lucky boutique that offers products people can use in their every day lives. We find products that we want you to feel good about paying for and using. We are the good vibes place, after all.

Well, that’s enough about us. You probably have a busy day planned so we’ll keep it short. Spread the Good Vibes and let them roll. See you again soon. Shop and let the good vibes roll in the meantime.

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