Rewards & discounts

We reward shoppers at Good Vibes a couple of different ways because we don't believe we should keep every dollar spent at our online boutique. Our rewards & discounts reflect this attitude and gives back to our shoppers and subscribers and for those who refer others who shop Good Vibes. Our rewards have little restrictions, making the Good Vibes Well-being and More store a truly rewarding place to buy trendy fashion, accessories, shoes, electronics, and more from our growing inventory. We are new and feel like sharing the good vibes.

Core Rewards program

Shoppers at Good Vibes Well-being and more earn points for several actions not limited to shopping, referring others who shop with us, signing up for an account, birthdays, and more. Every 100 points is good for $1 that can be used to purchase any item in our store, or save them up for that special item you want.

Birthday events

Good Vibes Well-being digs birthdays. As a special thank you for having an account with us we’re giving you enough to buy something. We are also looking at other ways to have specific contests and events to give you a truly happy birthday. Will update this section once we come up with something.

So how do you sign up for our rewards program. See that tab at the bottom of the page that keeps following you? Click on it and get started now.