Our Rewards Program is currently in development and will be back shortly.

Rewards App & discounts

Reward shoppers at Good Vibes for every dollar spent at our online store. Our rewards & discounts reflect what we believe. We do not want to keep every dollar you spend, so we give out points and discounts throughout the year to give you a truly rewarding shopping experience. We award points for signing up for the account, shopping, and referring shoppers who shop online at Good Vibes Well-Being Store. Use your points in the store like cash each time you shop. You can even let your points build and spend them on items you want.

Core Rewards program

Shoppers at the Good Vibes Well-being and more earn points for several actions not limited to shopping; signing up for a store account, referrals, birthdays, and more. You can start spending your points as soon as you want to, just log in to your store account when shopping.

Birthday events

Good Vibes Well-being digs birthdays. As a special thank you for being a valued customer we give you enough points on your birthday so you can treat yourself to something special. Always check our announcements bar, located at the top of your screen to see if there are extra sales going on. Our rewards will grow as our store grows.

To sign up, look for the Rewards tab at the bottom left of your screen. Our App can be installed from the bottom of your mobile device screen when prompted.

Be sure to tell everyone you know so you can earn referral rewards when they shop. Happy Shopping!!!!