Solid Brass Tea Server Antique

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The 1800s were a time of proper social gatherings, manners, tea - lots and lots of tea, and craftsmanship made to last. In those days when you bought things for your social events out of your hard earned dollar, you could trust that you could pass it down for generations. Most craftsmen didn’t even use the words “newer model”, not that we were there or anything. But that was bad for business because they had to move away from their craft to something else… without being paid to do it. While we can’t go back to the 1800’s without a handy-dandy time machine, every so often we come across something that takes our imaginations back a few centuries.

Take this Tea Server for example, coming from on or about the year 1844. We could imagine coiffed hair styles, frilly dresses and shirts, men in long-tailed coats, and bonnets smoozing in a social event, talking about the new horse carriage they just bought. Sure, you would probably rather talk about the car you're planning on buying and how much you're willing to spend, or some fancy new gadget, antiques are still nice to own. Especially when they're solid brass. I just happen to come across one such item recently. I will be updating pictures as I clean it up.

This Antique brass tea server is in good condition. Can be used for decor purposes or cleaned thoroughly in order to use to serve your tea at a gala or special events. In the process of cleaning it up, item recently acquired. Will update. Item ships from Western Massachusetts. We will cover most of the shipping cost while you pay a nominal fee for handling. If returning, item must be returned in exact condition it was shipped on order to receive a refund

The Solid Brass Tea Server Antique is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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